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"Europe’s success irritates its enemies"

Artist and photographer Wolfgang Tillmans lives in London and Berlin. He’s attempting to dissuade Britons from leaving the EU with a new campaign.

Thomas Hüetlin
Peter Müller
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Lesen Sie hier die deutsche Version: "Der Erfolg Europas nervt seine Feinde"

It can’t be ruled out, but it’s unlikely one would have spotted Wolfgang Tillmans 10 years ago in the T-shirt he’s now wearing in his Berlin studio. The blue shirt is emblazoned with 28 yellow stars forming a circle. Ten years ago the T-shirt would have been seen as a joke – the most uncool thing imaginable, a symbol of civil servants and bureaucrats who held endless meetings to ban Tyroleans from smoking their ham in their mountain huts according to centuries-old methods, or Britons from recycling their teabags. But now that the considerable freedoms Europe also created are under threat, hipster and artist Wolfgang Tillmans is doing more than just wearing this T-shirt – he’s also started a poster campaign to oppose those who support Brexit. Tillmans has designed 44 posters that can be downloaded from his website and printed for free or shared via social media. “Marine Le Pen, Vladimir Putin and Rupert Murdoch ... want Britain to leave the EU. Don’t let them have their way. Have your say,” he appeals in one poster. In another, he writes: “It’s a question of where you feel you belong. We are the European family.” Tillmans, 47, is one of the world’s most important – and expensive – photographers. In the early 1990s, he moved to England, where he helped shape the look of global pop culture and art photography. In 2000, he became the first German recipient of the Turner prize, the most important honour in the British art world. In addition to his London studio, Tillmans also…

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